Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vivianna Spark

      Vivianna peeked her head through the door, her hair falling out of her barely-there bun, her dark, ink-like curls bouncing and retracting. Her milky skin hollowed around her dimple, as her white teeth flashed. She murmured,"Are you quite finished?" Quinn raised her head, to reveal blood trickling down in a stream of crimson blood, swirling around in the purple skirt she was wearing. She glared, and nodded. Vivianna stepped in the room quietly, closing the door without making a sound. She didn't fancy March or Kallista hearing. She sat down in front of the little girl with her legs crossed. Quinn's bright bows were slipping, her ponytail in danger of sliding down in front of her face, where it would undoubtedly fall into the pit of blood that used to be her nose. Vivianna said nothing, simply not caring. She leaned in,"What did you see?"
"I saw butterflies and rainbows."
"Of course not, you idiot."
Quinn glared, and Vivianna shrugged.
"So," she continued,"What did you really see?"
      Quinn sighed, and raised her head, with the air of a person reciting a poem or song. She closed her eyes, and opened her lips,"She is being created. With symbols of darkness etched into her skin, and hair or palest blonde. Eyes of blackest black, and words of purest evil. She has risen, and will fight Lord Vile in a battle of darkness. Worlds of thought and meaning will collapse, and people from all over will rise and fight each other." Vivianna spoke quickly,"How can she be stopped?" Quinn did not open her eyes, or make a move that would show she even acknowledged Vivianna spoke. She whispered,"I cannot see. You can ask the man, though, the man who created her. Craven." Vivianna looked down at her hands, thinking hard.
     She had a new target.
      She just needed to find him.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Vivianna Spark

     Vivianna was looking for a girl. A young girl around the age of 20. She had never seen this girl, but she knew her name. Meloncholia. She never liked that name. There had been rumours, that Valkyrie Cain was going to be the Death Bringer. The one who was going to demolish the walls of death and living, and fight with Lord Vile, the villain who had supposedly come back to exact his revenge. Vivianna was comfortable with Valkyrie being the Death Bringer. She pityed the girl, for it was an excruciating journey, but she had met Valkyries mentor. Skulduggery Pleasant was a wonderful fellow, he had made Vivianna laugh many, many times. She had even known his family, and had privately mourned when Serpine killed them all. Then Skulduggery came back. Vivianna was the first to have seen him. He was mostly silent, and talked only when spoken to, the bare minimum. Vivianna saw the rage in him, she could feel it when he spoke. She knew rage well, having felt it so many times. She did not blame him, for she had felt the pain of having your family killed in front of you.
      There was a flash in her mind, of white and swirling black, she heard screams and a little girl crying, sobbing in the corner....
       Viviannas eyes snapped open. She scolded herself for thinking about it. But now, there was a new girl, a new Death Bringer. It was told that Craven, a man Vivianna was very cold to, had made her. It was Viviannas mission to make sure she didn't become her foretold destiny.
       And she was going to make sure it did not come true.
      Quinn sat in the middle of the room, fingers on temples. March and Kallista sat, watching her. Quinn peeked an eye open.
"What are you staring at?" Quinn said.
 Kallista furrowed her brows,"Aren't you reading the future?"
Quinn scoffed,"No you fool, i'm just massaging my head."
Kallista lowered her eyes,"Oh."
Quinn closed her eyes again, and rubbed her head. She had a massive headache, for the job Vivianna requested her to do, was becoming increasingly harder to do by the minute. March looked wary,"Do your job. Vivianna wanted us here to make sure you-" But Quinn innturrupted her,"I know why your here!" She snapped. March glared, but closed her mouth all the same. Quinn took a deep breath, then snatched another candie from the bowl next to her. The second it came in contact with her tounge, Quinn relaxed. She smiled, and then Vivianna Spark walked in the room. Her future blocked the other one, and Quinn shrieked,"Get out! What are you doing! You're blocking it! Leave!" They all hurried into the other room, and Quinn sighed. She tried to reach for the future, but it dissapeared at her grasp.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OK, news flash

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      Skyril, to your most recent comment, about the speed of my writing:
LOL, I am a speed reader. I wonder if that affects how fast I write. Its really rather intresting.

Vivianna Spark

    Skyril Oblivion was 12 years old when she ran away from home. She didn't remeber why. She didnt know her parents. Her life had made her strong. Her hardships had made her near indestructibility. But there was a pull at her heart, and she knew why and what it was. She missed him. She missed his kindness, and his sympathy, and his warm humor. Vivacious Fog was almost her father. He was as good as. On her 25th birthday, Springheeled Jack had killed him. She remebered the wicked grin, the flash of silver, and her anguished screams. She laid by his corpse for who knows how long.
    She always knew Springheeled had a grudge against him. But she never thought he would actually get him. Vivacious was her warrior, her strong protector. He had saved her once, and he could save himself, couldnt he? Thats what she thought. She never knew she could be wrong.

    For years she tryed to become more powerful. But she just wasnt strong enough yet to face him off. And her need for vengeance, her need for revenge, had flared and sharpened over the years. So she went to find someone. She had heard the whispers, and followed them to her. Vivianna Spark. Her powers were legendary. She could tug at your emotions, make you weak, then transform into a demon. Skyril had never seen her in action, but she had heard rumours. Her hair would catch flame, shooting around her skull dangerously. Her nails would grow and sharpen and harden. Her eyes would flash white, and her opponent would be dead.
   No problem.
   She also was an Elemental, Adept, and Necromancer. Skyril had no idea how it was even possible. It defied every law everyone stood for. But thats what made her so dastardly. She was a killer, and no one knew how, but she was the best. So she finally found her, and she was going to do it.
   Springheeled Jack was going to die.
     Vivianna was busy enough. She didnt need revenge-hungry children to come to her with sob stories. But she had a grudge against this particular murderer, and she'd been looking for a reason. Now, instead of waiting for Jack to come to her, she could come to him.
      She was looking foward to that bit.

Vivianna Spark

    Vivianna smiled. The meeting with Kallista and March was an accomplishing one. It was like putting a piece of a puzzle together. It felt good. But now here she was, walking along a dark, vancant street, her bare feet springing up so she could grip the pole hanging on the wall. She swung herself and flipped over the pole. She landed in a crouch on the roof of the white house. Gepard Valk watched her. She looked for the tell-tale signs of him collapsing, his emotions being to strong for him to control. But he didn't. She frowned, then flipped her hair. He arched an eyebrow. She bared her teeth,"Why aren't you falling?" He tilted his head,"Metaphorically or realistically?", His voice was devoid of human emotion. She glared,"We've never met. You should be falling in love." He shrugged,"I dont have emotions. Dont take it personally." She frowned to herself. Her whole plan was to have him fall under her charms, her ability to have people fall in love with her at first glance. Now that it was obvious he wouldnt, she needed to think of a new plan. "I need you to kill a Vampire." He stood, his dark hair falling over his eyes. "Fine." She stared.
"Thats....Thats all?" She blinked.
He nodded,"Just tell me who."
Vivianna stared. "Uh...OK. Kursan Blud. He lives in a shack, up-" But Gepard raised a hand. Vivianna glared. She didnt like being intturupted. This man had nerve. He spoke,"I just need a name. I will inform you when hes dead. Good bye." He fliped backwards, and vanished into the dark. Vivianna glared. She deduced she didnt like this man.
     The girl had deep black hair. The purple streaks glinted and popped agianst the onyx. Her green eyes pierced through Vivianna, but she was far from threatened. Vivianna smiled,"And who might you be?" The girl opened her mouth, her red lips bright against her pale face. She was pretty, in a childish sort of way. "Im Skyril Oblivion. Ive heard about you. Your legendary." Viviannas smirked, and eyed the girl,"Legendary, eh? Thats a new one on me. What do you want?" Skyril blinked, trying to force down the odd roar of emotions erupting at the sight of this beautiful woman. She looked away, and raised a hand to her head self consiously. "I need you to kill someone." Vivianna grinned,"Sounds like fun. Who? You look like a nice girl. You sure you want to go through with this. You could make yourself some enemies." Skyril glared,"I can take care of myself." Vivianna arched her eyebrows,"Hmm...OK then. Who is this unfortunate fellow?"
Skyril gritted her teeth, and spat,"Springheeled Jack. He needs to die."

Vivianna Spark

   March was an Adept, and a powerful one at that. She could shape shift, into any form she desired. Her and Vivianna had fought together before, and though Mar didnt know it, they were going to do it again. March smiled tentatively,"Hello, Vivianna. Its been a while. How've you been?" Vivianna frowned. She just didnt do small talk. She found it annoying and virtually useless. What was the point of it, she mused to herself many times. March's smile widened. While Vivianna didn't consider them actual friends, she liked Mar-Chu, and all she stood for. Anyone else saw March's happy, bubbly personality, but Vivianna had seen (On many occasions) the dark side that could rip out. Vivianna appreciated that. Bubbly was so...So boring.
   Vivianna wiggeled her thumbs, and March laughed,"You still do that." Vivianna arched an eyebrow. She was about to speak when the air rippled around her. She whipped around. She saw Kallista there, her dark hair not thrown up, as it usually was, but whipping around her face.Vivianna recoiled. Something was wrong. "What happened, Kallista?" Kallista glared.
"I didnt get the information. Sorry, mate." Her voice was bitter, and Vivianna frowned,"Wheres your sword?" She blinked. "He took it. I have my fan though." There was a flash as she twirled the Japanese fan around, the one Vivianna always thought was so lovely. Mar squealed,"Ooh." Kallista grinned. Vivianna shook her head and muttered,"Toddlers." The comment went unnoticed by Kallista, who was busy showing off, or March, who was busy enjoying it. Vivianna waited, and tapped her foot. Then she cleared her throat. They ignored her. Vivianna growled, and leaned forward and plucked the Fan from her grip. Kallista frowned,"Oi!" Vivianna smirked, and tossed her back the Fan. Mar stopped squealing, and glumly turned toward Vivianna. She blinked, like she was waking up from a dream, and said,"You smell....Like sweets." Vivianna coughed,"Do I now?" March narrowed her eyes,"You've been with Quinn. Havent you?" Vivianna thought about denying it, then shrugged,"Yup." Kallista looked at Mar,"Whats wrong with Quinn? Quinns cute" Vivianna frowned,"Quinn is a brat." Kallista rolled her eyes,"You think all children are brats."

Vivanna Spark

     Quinn drew the lollipop out of her mouth slowly, savoring the sweet taste of the sugar. Her large round eyes blinked once, and the woman in front of her smirked. Quinn plopped the lollipop back in her mouth, swirling it around. The woman spoke,"Hullo, Quinnera." Quinn glared"Quinn. Call me Quinn." The lady smirked again,"However." Quinn could almost feel the future of this one. She didn't even have to try. Quinn smiled, and twirled the ribbon in her hair.
"My fee for future is usually 30 candies." She said,"But I don't like you. So 35." The woman rolled her eyes and stepped closer,"I don't want my future. I need someone else's future. Could you do that?" Quinn raised an eyebrow, and the lady pulled out a large bag of sweets, turning it over and spilling them on the floor. Quinn squealed in delight and clapped her hands,"Of course I can."
         Vivianna sprinted away from the building, her mission with Quinnera (though she despised that name) had been a success. Her bare feet sprang up and down. She could barely conceal the grin on her face. Luckily for her, March had already promised to help her, and as such she would be in Vivianna's apartment in mere moments. All she needed was for Kallista to tell her the whereabouts of the new Necromancer girl, and her plan would fall perfectly.
  She had an army at her fingertips. She could not fail.
         Her unnatural speed made her a blur, passing mortals hadn't a hope of catching a glance. She reached the building, and twirled gracefully into a crouch. She laid a pale palm on the side of the wall, and a circle of symbols appeared around her hand. If anyone else tried that, they would be disintegrated. A door appeared, and she walked through it. She wiped her feet on the place mat, and felt the air shimmer. She smiled,"Hello Mar." A pretty girl stepped into the light, her flaming red hair popping in Vivianna's black eyes. While Vivianna's eyes were as black as raven, hers were a piercing blue.

Vivianna Spark

       Melonchia writhed against her bonds. Sweat poured down her face as she gritted her teeth. She stifled her scream, and took a deep gasping breath. The man in front of her just leaned back and waited. Craven was a man of patience, and he could wait. He murmured,"Its almost finished." She whipped her head towards him, "Why?! Why is it so painful!" He smiled sympathetically,"My dear, with power comes pain. The pain is almost over now, I swear it." She writhed and tugged for 16 seconds, then she blanched. Her struggling stopped, and her eyelids drooped. Craven smiled, and within mere moments, she was asleep. The black symbols on her body flashed, finally finished burning into her skin, into her very soul. Shadows rose up from the ground and swirled around her. Time froze.
         And then she woke.


    Kallista walked along the pipe quickly and carefully, not wanting to slip and fall to her death. Her powers were damp, and her weapons were gone. A bead of sweat slid down her eyebrow, falling down. She froze, waiting several long moments before she heard the tell-tale plink of noise it made on the ground. She swallowed. It was a long, long way down. She shook her head and whispered,"Ah, sod it." She abandoned all caution and flipped, landing on the mound of land. She grinned to herself. "Damn, i'm good." She looked up, to see a man leaning against the door, appraising her. Her smile faded. "Happy? I waked your bloody pole, and I have no weapons and no powers." He smiled,"To be technical, you leaped. Not walked." Her temper flared. He laughed,"Now, now. How about you tell me why your here?' Kallista hesitated, then said,"A friend called me in. We need to find a girl. Necromancer." The mans smile vanished, and he snarled and pounced on Kallista. He slammed her against the wall, pinning her arms and legs. "Why do you need to know?" He froze, then smiled,"Tell dear Vivianna that I'll be paying her a visit." He shoved her aside, and she growled, wishing she had her weapons so she could slice his head off. "Good bye, lovely."
 That was the last to be seen of the man.

  Vivianna peeked her head through the door,"Kenspeckle?" A grumpy old man appeared, and muttered when he saw her. She smiled, and walked in. "I need you to help me with a slight injury." Kenspeckle eyed her and said,"Let me see." Gruffly. Vivianna smile widened graciously and she lifted her shirt, to reveal the bloody wound on her side. He looked at her,"Slight, is it?" Vivianna shrugged, and let herself be pulled onto the hard grey medical bed. The second she laid down, her eyelids dipped dangerously, and her body shut down. She slept.

Vivianna Spark- Chapter 1

1.       She couldn't feel her nose.
  Though she had no mirror, she knew her pale nose was red. Her lips were chapped, and all she desired in the world now was some chap stick. Maybe a pair of mittens. Though her bare feet screamed at her in protest, the cells divulged into an air so crisp and frosty it would numb them forever, she kept walking. Her black leather clothes kept her torso and legs warm, but her face and feet were freezing. She felt the slightest wisp of a touch at her neck, and whirled around, to see nothing there. She reached a hand up to feel it, and it was just a strand of her raven black hair, falling from the ponytail she clumsily pulled it into.
  The mysterious woman walked along the night, somehow not being seen by the passing mortals. She stepped into a puddle, her bare feet recoiling instinctively. She cursed herself silently for not grabbing her boots, but she was much more comfortable barefoot. She leaped up, defying the laws of gravity, onto the side of the concrete wall and pushed off of it. Flipping and turning into the next wall. She gave one final push, and rolled onto the roof top of a bricked up restaurant. This restaurant used to be the crown jewel of this area, with people from all over the world flying in to eat here. The woman herself had came once.
  But then one of the chefs got into a drunken stupor, fighting with the rest of the chefs, yelling and throwing things. He staggered onto the table and grabbed a waitress, a young girl with pretty blonde hair. He yanked her around, her arms flailing and her legs twisting. The other chef he had been fighting jumped onto the table with them, trying and failing to save the poor girl. But the psychotic chef twirled the knife in his hand, and with a wicked gleam, it landed into the girls ribs. Her unseeing eyes frozen wide in fear, her body curved unnaturally.
  They closed down the restaurant, for no one wanted to eat at the haunted place. This made it a favorable place for the woman to meet up with her client. She waited, and at the slightest curl in the air, she turned. There was a man. He was dressed richly, his suit a deep, luxurious red. The knife in his hand was as black as sin, and he waved it and the shadows all around him disappeared. He had always done himself well, this man. He grinned at the woman, his straight white teeth sparkling. He spoke, his voice one of darkness and shards of evil.
"Hello, Vivianna."
She didn't answer.
"Oh, come on now!", he exclaimed,"You can't still be so wary around me."
She met his eyes, her black ones meeting the crimson. "Everyone is wary of you, Nikkor."
His smile widened, and it was not a pleasant one. "I blush. So what is the reason i'm here, love?"
She stepped closer, "I must admit, i'm surprised you showed up," she murmured,"You've been avoiding me."
  The mans smile dropped, and his eyes glinted at her. Vivianna paid no heed,"Tell me where the girl is." He grin reappeared,"Shan't." She twirled, her nails slashing against his suit as fast as wind. But he darted back and laughed,"Not good enough." A snarl erupted deep in her throat, and her eyes flashed pure white. His smile dropped, and he turned and ran. Her nails grew into long, steel razors, and her hair lit up in flames. She leaped into the night sky and the mans running shadow was her target. Nikkor rolled just as she landed where he was seconds ago. He turned to run again, but she whipped forward and was in front of him. Her hair died down, and her nails shrank. She smiled,"Did you really think you could win?" He smile vanished, and she growled,"Now tell me, or I hurt you." His eyes flashed, and he twirled the knife in his pocket. He disintegrated into the shadows of the night, and Vivianna shrieked in anger and tried to grab him, but he was gone.