Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vivianna Spark

      Vivianna peeked her head through the door, her hair falling out of her barely-there bun, her dark, ink-like curls bouncing and retracting. Her milky skin hollowed around her dimple, as her white teeth flashed. She murmured,"Are you quite finished?" Quinn raised her head, to reveal blood trickling down in a stream of crimson blood, swirling around in the purple skirt she was wearing. She glared, and nodded. Vivianna stepped in the room quietly, closing the door without making a sound. She didn't fancy March or Kallista hearing. She sat down in front of the little girl with her legs crossed. Quinn's bright bows were slipping, her ponytail in danger of sliding down in front of her face, where it would undoubtedly fall into the pit of blood that used to be her nose. Vivianna said nothing, simply not caring. She leaned in,"What did you see?"
"I saw butterflies and rainbows."
"Of course not, you idiot."
Quinn glared, and Vivianna shrugged.
"So," she continued,"What did you really see?"
      Quinn sighed, and raised her head, with the air of a person reciting a poem or song. She closed her eyes, and opened her lips,"She is being created. With symbols of darkness etched into her skin, and hair or palest blonde. Eyes of blackest black, and words of purest evil. She has risen, and will fight Lord Vile in a battle of darkness. Worlds of thought and meaning will collapse, and people from all over will rise and fight each other." Vivianna spoke quickly,"How can she be stopped?" Quinn did not open her eyes, or make a move that would show she even acknowledged Vivianna spoke. She whispered,"I cannot see. You can ask the man, though, the man who created her. Craven." Vivianna looked down at her hands, thinking hard.
     She had a new target.
      She just needed to find him.


  1. WHOA! EXCELLLENT!!! Fantastic and so bloody EPIC!!!
    I LOVE IT!
    I'm so amazed at your ability!

  2. LOL Kal, your energy makes me laugh!

  3. So awesome-sauce, Vivianna!
    Can't wait for MORE!!!