Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vivanna Spark

     Quinn drew the lollipop out of her mouth slowly, savoring the sweet taste of the sugar. Her large round eyes blinked once, and the woman in front of her smirked. Quinn plopped the lollipop back in her mouth, swirling it around. The woman spoke,"Hullo, Quinnera." Quinn glared"Quinn. Call me Quinn." The lady smirked again,"However." Quinn could almost feel the future of this one. She didn't even have to try. Quinn smiled, and twirled the ribbon in her hair.
"My fee for future is usually 30 candies." She said,"But I don't like you. So 35." The woman rolled her eyes and stepped closer,"I don't want my future. I need someone else's future. Could you do that?" Quinn raised an eyebrow, and the lady pulled out a large bag of sweets, turning it over and spilling them on the floor. Quinn squealed in delight and clapped her hands,"Of course I can."
         Vivianna sprinted away from the building, her mission with Quinnera (though she despised that name) had been a success. Her bare feet sprang up and down. She could barely conceal the grin on her face. Luckily for her, March had already promised to help her, and as such she would be in Vivianna's apartment in mere moments. All she needed was for Kallista to tell her the whereabouts of the new Necromancer girl, and her plan would fall perfectly.
  She had an army at her fingertips. She could not fail.
         Her unnatural speed made her a blur, passing mortals hadn't a hope of catching a glance. She reached the building, and twirled gracefully into a crouch. She laid a pale palm on the side of the wall, and a circle of symbols appeared around her hand. If anyone else tried that, they would be disintegrated. A door appeared, and she walked through it. She wiped her feet on the place mat, and felt the air shimmer. She smiled,"Hello Mar." A pretty girl stepped into the light, her flaming red hair popping in Vivianna's black eyes. While Vivianna's eyes were as black as raven, hers were a piercing blue.

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  1. I love it Viv! I love how you described Quinn! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
    So very huggibly cute ! LOL
    You are just an amazing writer!!!!
    Thanks for posting anothe rone so soon.