Friday, August 12, 2011

Vivianna Spark

     Vivianna was looking for a girl. A young girl around the age of 20. She had never seen this girl, but she knew her name. Meloncholia. She never liked that name. There had been rumours, that Valkyrie Cain was going to be the Death Bringer. The one who was going to demolish the walls of death and living, and fight with Lord Vile, the villain who had supposedly come back to exact his revenge. Vivianna was comfortable with Valkyrie being the Death Bringer. She pityed the girl, for it was an excruciating journey, but she had met Valkyries mentor. Skulduggery Pleasant was a wonderful fellow, he had made Vivianna laugh many, many times. She had even known his family, and had privately mourned when Serpine killed them all. Then Skulduggery came back. Vivianna was the first to have seen him. He was mostly silent, and talked only when spoken to, the bare minimum. Vivianna saw the rage in him, she could feel it when he spoke. She knew rage well, having felt it so many times. She did not blame him, for she had felt the pain of having your family killed in front of you.
      There was a flash in her mind, of white and swirling black, she heard screams and a little girl crying, sobbing in the corner....
       Viviannas eyes snapped open. She scolded herself for thinking about it. But now, there was a new girl, a new Death Bringer. It was told that Craven, a man Vivianna was very cold to, had made her. It was Viviannas mission to make sure she didn't become her foretold destiny.
       And she was going to make sure it did not come true.
      Quinn sat in the middle of the room, fingers on temples. March and Kallista sat, watching her. Quinn peeked an eye open.
"What are you staring at?" Quinn said.
 Kallista furrowed her brows,"Aren't you reading the future?"
Quinn scoffed,"No you fool, i'm just massaging my head."
Kallista lowered her eyes,"Oh."
Quinn closed her eyes again, and rubbed her head. She had a massive headache, for the job Vivianna requested her to do, was becoming increasingly harder to do by the minute. March looked wary,"Do your job. Vivianna wanted us here to make sure you-" But Quinn innturrupted her,"I know why your here!" She snapped. March glared, but closed her mouth all the same. Quinn took a deep breath, then snatched another candie from the bowl next to her. The second it came in contact with her tounge, Quinn relaxed. She smiled, and then Vivianna Spark walked in the room. Her future blocked the other one, and Quinn shrieked,"Get out! What are you doing! You're blocking it! Leave!" They all hurried into the other room, and Quinn sighed. She tried to reach for the future, but it dissapeared at her grasp.

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