Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vivianna Spark

    Vivianna smiled. The meeting with Kallista and March was an accomplishing one. It was like putting a piece of a puzzle together. It felt good. But now here she was, walking along a dark, vancant street, her bare feet springing up so she could grip the pole hanging on the wall. She swung herself and flipped over the pole. She landed in a crouch on the roof of the white house. Gepard Valk watched her. She looked for the tell-tale signs of him collapsing, his emotions being to strong for him to control. But he didn't. She frowned, then flipped her hair. He arched an eyebrow. She bared her teeth,"Why aren't you falling?" He tilted his head,"Metaphorically or realistically?", His voice was devoid of human emotion. She glared,"We've never met. You should be falling in love." He shrugged,"I dont have emotions. Dont take it personally." She frowned to herself. Her whole plan was to have him fall under her charms, her ability to have people fall in love with her at first glance. Now that it was obvious he wouldnt, she needed to think of a new plan. "I need you to kill a Vampire." He stood, his dark hair falling over his eyes. "Fine." She stared.
"Thats....Thats all?" She blinked.
He nodded,"Just tell me who."
Vivianna stared. "Uh...OK. Kursan Blud. He lives in a shack, up-" But Gepard raised a hand. Vivianna glared. She didnt like being intturupted. This man had nerve. He spoke,"I just need a name. I will inform you when hes dead. Good bye." He fliped backwards, and vanished into the dark. Vivianna glared. She deduced she didnt like this man.
     The girl had deep black hair. The purple streaks glinted and popped agianst the onyx. Her green eyes pierced through Vivianna, but she was far from threatened. Vivianna smiled,"And who might you be?" The girl opened her mouth, her red lips bright against her pale face. She was pretty, in a childish sort of way. "Im Skyril Oblivion. Ive heard about you. Your legendary." Viviannas smirked, and eyed the girl,"Legendary, eh? Thats a new one on me. What do you want?" Skyril blinked, trying to force down the odd roar of emotions erupting at the sight of this beautiful woman. She looked away, and raised a hand to her head self consiously. "I need you to kill someone." Vivianna grinned,"Sounds like fun. Who? You look like a nice girl. You sure you want to go through with this. You could make yourself some enemies." Skyril glared,"I can take care of myself." Vivianna arched her eyebrows,"Hmm...OK then. Who is this unfortunate fellow?"
Skyril gritted her teeth, and spat,"Springheeled Jack. He needs to die."


  1. Dude you write FAST! :D
    It's AWESOME!
    I'm loving it!
    MORE! Woot!

  2. YES! Another incredible story this time with our SKYRIL!!! YAY!!!

    Great use of OCs! Your oc is a tough cookie isn't she? ;P

    Extrodinary writing Viv!
    Thansk for posting !