Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vivianna Spark

   March was an Adept, and a powerful one at that. She could shape shift, into any form she desired. Her and Vivianna had fought together before, and though Mar didnt know it, they were going to do it again. March smiled tentatively,"Hello, Vivianna. Its been a while. How've you been?" Vivianna frowned. She just didnt do small talk. She found it annoying and virtually useless. What was the point of it, she mused to herself many times. March's smile widened. While Vivianna didn't consider them actual friends, she liked Mar-Chu, and all she stood for. Anyone else saw March's happy, bubbly personality, but Vivianna had seen (On many occasions) the dark side that could rip out. Vivianna appreciated that. Bubbly was so...So boring.
   Vivianna wiggeled her thumbs, and March laughed,"You still do that." Vivianna arched an eyebrow. She was about to speak when the air rippled around her. She whipped around. She saw Kallista there, her dark hair not thrown up, as it usually was, but whipping around her face.Vivianna recoiled. Something was wrong. "What happened, Kallista?" Kallista glared.
"I didnt get the information. Sorry, mate." Her voice was bitter, and Vivianna frowned,"Wheres your sword?" She blinked. "He took it. I have my fan though." There was a flash as she twirled the Japanese fan around, the one Vivianna always thought was so lovely. Mar squealed,"Ooh." Kallista grinned. Vivianna shook her head and muttered,"Toddlers." The comment went unnoticed by Kallista, who was busy showing off, or March, who was busy enjoying it. Vivianna waited, and tapped her foot. Then she cleared her throat. They ignored her. Vivianna growled, and leaned forward and plucked the Fan from her grip. Kallista frowned,"Oi!" Vivianna smirked, and tossed her back the Fan. Mar stopped squealing, and glumly turned toward Vivianna. She blinked, like she was waking up from a dream, and said,"You smell....Like sweets." Vivianna coughed,"Do I now?" March narrowed her eyes,"You've been with Quinn. Havent you?" Vivianna thought about denying it, then shrugged,"Yup." Kallista looked at Mar,"Whats wrong with Quinn? Quinns cute" Vivianna frowned,"Quinn is a brat." Kallista rolled her eyes,"You think all children are brats."

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  1. HAHAHA!! I love the humor in here! It's PERFECT!!
    Another fantastic chapter by VIV! YAY!
    Thanks for posting!