Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vivianna Spark

       Melonchia writhed against her bonds. Sweat poured down her face as she gritted her teeth. She stifled her scream, and took a deep gasping breath. The man in front of her just leaned back and waited. Craven was a man of patience, and he could wait. He murmured,"Its almost finished." She whipped her head towards him, "Why?! Why is it so painful!" He smiled sympathetically,"My dear, with power comes pain. The pain is almost over now, I swear it." She writhed and tugged for 16 seconds, then she blanched. Her struggling stopped, and her eyelids drooped. Craven smiled, and within mere moments, she was asleep. The black symbols on her body flashed, finally finished burning into her skin, into her very soul. Shadows rose up from the ground and swirled around her. Time froze.
         And then she woke.


    Kallista walked along the pipe quickly and carefully, not wanting to slip and fall to her death. Her powers were damp, and her weapons were gone. A bead of sweat slid down her eyebrow, falling down. She froze, waiting several long moments before she heard the tell-tale plink of noise it made on the ground. She swallowed. It was a long, long way down. She shook her head and whispered,"Ah, sod it." She abandoned all caution and flipped, landing on the mound of land. She grinned to herself. "Damn, i'm good." She looked up, to see a man leaning against the door, appraising her. Her smile faded. "Happy? I waked your bloody pole, and I have no weapons and no powers." He smiled,"To be technical, you leaped. Not walked." Her temper flared. He laughed,"Now, now. How about you tell me why your here?' Kallista hesitated, then said,"A friend called me in. We need to find a girl. Necromancer." The mans smile vanished, and he snarled and pounced on Kallista. He slammed her against the wall, pinning her arms and legs. "Why do you need to know?" He froze, then smiled,"Tell dear Vivianna that I'll be paying her a visit." He shoved her aside, and she growled, wishing she had her weapons so she could slice his head off. "Good bye, lovely."
 That was the last to be seen of the man.

  Vivianna peeked her head through the door,"Kenspeckle?" A grumpy old man appeared, and muttered when he saw her. She smiled, and walked in. "I need you to help me with a slight injury." Kenspeckle eyed her and said,"Let me see." Gruffly. Vivianna smile widened graciously and she lifted her shirt, to reveal the bloody wound on her side. He looked at her,"Slight, is it?" Vivianna shrugged, and let herself be pulled onto the hard grey medical bed. The second she laid down, her eyelids dipped dangerously, and her body shut down. She slept.


  1. FTW
    OH MY GOSH! Yo are so AMAZING at writing! I LOVE IT! You write like I wish I could! Fantastic Viv!
    *whistles and cheers*
    Love how you wrote my character!



  2. This is EPICA, Vivianna!!!
    I love it! You're a brilliant writer!
    ~applauds manically~